Top 100 all-time Kansas City Chiefs moments: 100-76

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25 Nov 1990: Quarterback Steve DeBerg of the Kansas City Chiefs runs with the ball during a game against the Los Angeles Raiders at the Coliseum in Los Angeles, California. The Chiefs won the game, 27-24.

85: Steve DeBerg plays end of 1990 season with pin in pinky (1990)

Steve DeBerg is one of the most forgotten names in Chiefs history. In a time where Kansas City football was dominated by defense and running the ball, it isn’t surprising that DeBerg was lost in the shuffle of Derrick Thomas, Neil Smith, Barry Word, Christian Okoye, and many others. However, in 1990, DeBerg put up one of the all-time seasons for a Chiefs passer with 3,400 yards, 23 touchdowns and four interceptions for a 96.3 passer rating.

But his numbers aren’t what makes that 1990 season so impressive. What is truly impressive is DeBerg played the final two games of the regular season with a broken pinky on his throwing hand.  The nature of the injury required a makeshift splint that included a plastic pin inserted into the top of the finger.

How did that affect him?  Oh, not too bad…he threw for 250 yards and two touchdowns to lead the Chiefs to a 24-21 victory over the San Diego Chargers to clinch a wild card spot.

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