Top 100 all-time Kansas City Chiefs moments: 100-76

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Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Kansas City Chiefs , Kansas City, MO (Photo by Visions of America/UIG via Getty Images)

The Kansas City Chiefs have had an amazing history. While some of it has been rough over the last 56 seasons, there have been so many incredible moments that have endured the test of time.

The franchise originated in 1960 with the birth of the American Football League as the Dallas Texans, the brainchild of Lamar Hunt. Hunt created both the Texans and the AFL, with the Texans becoming the Kansas City Chiefs in 1963 after winning the franchise’s first AFL title in 1962.

Since the team moved into the Midwest, the Chiefs have been entertaining and full of personality and character. Kansas City won a pair of AFL titles in 1966 and 1969 and pulled off one of the biggest upsets in professional sports history with a victory over the heavily-favored Minnesota Vikings.

Since then, the Chiefs have not enjoyed the elusive glory of the Vince Lombardi Trophy, but there have been some indelible moments in the interim. Kansas City has churned out tremendous campaigns and some of the best running backs and defensive players ever seen.

Without further adieu, here are the first 25 of the top 100 moments of the Kansas City Chiefs, with a set of 25 coming each of the next three days.

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