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AFC Wild Card Week 13

Around the rest of the AFC the Chiefs didn’t get as much help as last week. The most impressive victory came from the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers managed to destroy the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday Night Football to improve to 7-5. The most impressive plays came from both the running game and the passing game. DeAngelo Williams has had a definite resurgence as a runner, averaging nearly 5 yards a carry and continuously opening things up for the passing game. It is easy for me to say that the Steelers have the most effective offensive weapons in all of football. This is not a team that anyone will be pleased to face in January.

The New York Jets managed to take advantage of some classic New York Giant blunders to steal a game in overtime and stay in the hunt. No one can seem to say enough about Brandon Marshall and rightfully so. Marshall has been the “go to” guy that the Jets have been missing until this season. With Marshall, the Jets can take some pressure off of their running game and get a near guaranteed touchdown when it comes to goal to go situations. Watching this game though I saw several places where the Giants could have taken control and basically chose not to. The Jets are a dangerous team but they aren’t a true threat for a playoff spot.

The only other contenders for the wildcard squared off in Buffalo where the Bills defeated the Texans. This game had a flurry of scoring in the first half, but cooled down to a defensive struggle in the second. The Bills defense looks to be in serious trouble as they allowed Brian Hoyer to throw for nearly 300 yards with 3 touchdowns. The Texans only feature one real receiving threat, so it speaks volumes about a defense when they allow those kind of numbers. The contest moved both teams to a game behind the wildcard leaders.

AFC Wildcard Standings

Kansas City (7-5)

New York Jets (7-5)

Pittsburgh (7-5)

Buffalo (6-6)

Houston (6-6)

Oakland (5-7)

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