If you must: Reasons to worry about the Chiefs’ playoff chances

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Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that the Chiefs have been ravaged by the injury bug as of late. Budding star Allen Bailey hasn’t seen the field since the bye week. It’s unclear when Justin Houston will return after hyperextending his knee. De’Anthony Thomas has missed two straight games with a concussion. Two offensive line starters are working their way back to the starting lineup (Jeff Allen and Mitch Morse). The team’s been a mess of injuries lately and despite an impressively deep roster, so many major contributors missing time could take its toll down the stretch.

Western spoilers

The 3-9 San Diego Chargers, coming to town on Sunday, have officially waved the white flag. Well, almost. Like the wilting Oakland Raiders, even where playoff hopes have been dashed, there’s always an opportunity to take a division rival with you. The Chiefs will face them both before the curtain closes, and they’re likely to have had a dogfight with at least one of them when it does. As the past has demonstrated, there’s nothing more dangerous in the NFL than a team with nothing to play for.

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