Sean Smith says Chiefs are ‘most dramatic team in NFL’


The Kansas City Chiefs won by 14 points on the scoreboard over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday afternoon at Coliseum, but that does not reflect the level of stress throughout the game.

Kansas City was trailing 20-14 into the fourth quarter before coming back in a furious rally with three interceptions and 20 unanswered points. After the game, Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star caught up with cornerback Sean Smith, who had another superb game in his third season with the club. The veteran summed up the team perfectly.

Smith is right. The Chiefs are not a team that generally allows you to sit back and sip on a drink in the third quarter. Last week, Kansas City found itself in a 10-0 hole early against the Buffalo Bills before climbing their way out. It’s not been easy many weeks, but the Chiefs are getting the job done.

And that is the big difference, isn’t it? Kansas City is actually winning the games. Normally, the Chiefs find any way under the sun to blow some asinine game that they should never lose, like last year’s disaster at Oakland. For whatever reason, this team is becoming great at pulling losses out of the fire.