Quarterbacks on the move this offseason


Over the next couple weeks, we will be chronicling and looking ahead to what could be an intriguing and wild offseason, full of names on the move, either into retirement or new teams. We’ll explore some possible offseason moves the Chiefs may look for, some moves in the NFL to keep an eye on, and we’ll focus here on what could be a unique offseason at the quarterback position. A lot of names could be on the move, and we’ll see what happens.

Here are some names that could be leaving their current spots this offseason, and we’ll explain the reasons.

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints. The Saints are approaching the point of a complete roster rebuild, and are facing serious salary cap issues. Brees cap number for 2016 is $30 million. Simply releasing Brees will clear $20 million in cap space, and would help them get under the cap. Spotrac.com lists the Saints salary commitments for 2016 at $154,136,470, which they project to be $4,136,470 over the cap. With the growing possibility of Sean Payton leaving New Orleans at the end of this season, the writing is on the wall this could be Brees final season down in the Big Easy.

If the Saints do release Brees (or look to work a trade); the most likely destination I see would be the Houston Texans. The Texans already have wide receivers, a good offensive line and defense. Also, the Texans have a decent amount of cap room currently, and would gain $7 million more when they release Arian Foster, which they are sure to do.

Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49ers. He is due a lot of money next season, though not much if guaranteed in terms of quarterbacks. After a promising start to his career under former head coach Jim Harbaugh, Kaepernick has failed to live up to the potential that lead the 49ers to trade off previous starting quarterback Alex Smith. After being benched or sat down for Blaine Gabbert, stands to reason the 49ers will be making a change at the position going forward in 2016.

A landing spot for Kaepernick could be the Eagles. Philadelphia’s offense could fit is talent as a runner as well as what appears to be his strength of throwing outside of the pocket. If the Eagles don’t re-sign Bradford, and at this point, not sure they will, Kaepernick is the type of player they could take a chance on with short term, rebuild your reputation type of contract.

Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos. It’s become obvious, painfully so, that the talent that made Manning one of the all time greats has eroded, and what’s on the field now must be reminiscent to what baseball fans saw when Babe Ruth tried to patrol right field for the Boston Braves at the end of his career. Regardless of what happens the rest of the way, it’s become apparent Manning’s future is not with Denver. And with his departure, the Broncos will clear roughly $19 million in cap space, money surely used to re-sign outside linebacker Von Miller and quarterback Brock Osweiler.

A landing spot for Manning is the pasture. He wants to continue to play, yet his body and his performance have shown, he’s done.

Robert Griffin III, Washington Redskins. Is Kirk Cousins great at the quarterbacking thing? No. However, the group in Washington believes he’s better then the much talked about Robert Griffin III, affectionately known as RG3. Griffin has a non guaranteed $16 million salary for next season, and that’s a big number for a starter. It’s obvious the Redskins will be moving on from Griffin after this season unless for unknown reasons they decide to make him their starter for next season. He will be moving on in 2016.

Potential landing spots will depend on what Griffin is wanting and/or expecting on a new contract and situation. Kansas City, Dallas, could all be spots that would let him continue to be a backup and potential starter after a season or two, along with any of the other cities that are looking for quarterbacks.

Matthew Stafford, Lions. His name comes up when talk of quarterbacks possibly on the move for next season. While his $22 million cap number is large, the question of, ‘If not him them who’ comes up, not sure who Detroit would bring in to replace him. Perhaps the Lions would work out a trade and bring a package back, but in all likelihood, Stafford gets to return to Detroit next season

As stated above, Stafford likely returns to Detroit trades Stafford.

Other quarterbacks that could be on the move include Geno Smith, Chase Daniel, Brock Osweiler, Johnny Manziel, Nick Foles and Zach Mettenberger.

Next week, we’ll analyze what the postseason may look like for the Chiefs, and moves they could make.