Justin Houston believed to have PCL sprain


On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills 30-22 but also sustained a major scare in the first half. On an innocent looking play, outside linebacker Justin Houston was inadvertently leg-whipped by safety Ron Parker, hitting Houston square in the knee.

Houston’s knee bent back awkwardly and he went down immediately before gingerly walking to the locker room. The initial fear from most fans and onlookers was that Houston tore his ACL or another ligament in his knee, but luckily, that does not appear to be the case.

However, we won’t know anything for sure until Houston is fully examined, which apparently will be coming later in the day.

If Rapoport’s sources are correct, this is a major win for the Chiefs. Houston is the best player on this team by a country mile and without him, chances of making the playoffs go down significantly. Furthermore, making any noise once in the postseason would really hit the skids.

So how long will Houston be out? One well-known doctor is taking a guess…

If that is the case and Houston returns within 2-3 weeks, you would have to sign up for it. The Chiefs should be able to survive in the short-term without him, especially against sub-par teams.