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Without Devonta Freeman and the running game, Atlanta’s offense is being set back even more. Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons:  The Falcons will be without star running back Davonta Freeman this week due to a concussion.  The Atlanta offense has struggled to score in recent weeks, and losing Freeman will likely set them even further back.

Baltimore Ravens: Joe Flacco’s season is over, but he ended it in truly inspiring fashion.  Despite tearing his ACL and being on a 2-7 team with no reasonable chance at the playoffs, Flacco stated in the game and led the Ravens on a game-winning drive.  That’s tough.

Buffalo Bills:  The Bills will be missing defensive linemen Kyle Williams and Mario Williams for this week’s game.  That will serve as a major blow to the strength of the Buffalo defense.  Kyle Williams will be having season ending surgery on his knee.

  • Chiefs’ take: That’s huge news for the Chiefs as it should help the offensive line assert itself a bit more than if if the two Williams were in the game.  Without both Jamaal Charles and Charcandrick West, the KC run game could definitely have used this kind of break.

Carolina Panthers: Either you love Cam Newton, or you can’t stand him.  While half the fans, media personnel, and talking heads are clamoring for Cam to be named MVP, the other half are calling him out for his antics and attitude.  It seems to be a strange argument as Newton has never been in trouble off the field since coming to the NFL, is constantly interacting with young fans, and is flat out playing some of the best football anyone has ever seen.

  • Author’s note: In case you couldn’t tell…I’m fully supportive of what Cam is doing on and off the field right now.  That’s a damn good role model.

Chicago Bears:  The Bears have finally activated rookie wide receiver Kevin White.  White has been recovering from surgery all year, and there was some doubt as to whether he would be able to play at all in his rookie season.  While this is a positive sign for White, it is not a guarantee that he’ll get on the field this year.

PLEASE just sit down, Johnny. Mandatory Credit: Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns: Johnny Manziel can’t get out of his own way.  Despite having a terrible reputation for partying too much…Despite claiming to be embracing a calmer lifestyle…Despite recently being involved in an incident that may or may not have included a domestic violence situation and drinking…Despite supposedly being on his absolute last chance to behave…Despite not having any on the field accolades to warrant overlooking his off the field antics…Manziel was out partying again.

As a result, the Browns have knocked him from the starting position to the third string.  Mike Pettine stated that the team has not discussed moving on from Manziel, but one would have to think that is, at the absolute least, an understood possibility.  And it is now coming out that Manziel lied to the team about the incident.  Good lord son.

Author’s note

: I have no problem with players going out and having a good time.  I do it myself.  However, if my boss tells me that my nightlife is interfering with my workplace performance, as well as giving the organization a bad name…something in my head is going to click and say “Hey dumbass…knock it off!”

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