Podcast: The Chiefs are for real (on both sides of the ball)


On this episode of the Roughing the Kicker Chiefs podcast, the Chiefs keep proving that they are here to stay in the 2015 playoff run behind a dominant defense and an underrated offense. Joshua Brisco recaps a second consecutive victory on the road against a divisional opponent, looks at the most relevant bits of news and notes, and previews the Chiefs’ next major test: when the Buffalo Bills come to Kansas City.

By the time the Chiefs were set to take on the Chargers in San Diego on Sunday, the Raiders, Jets and Dolphins had all lost, giving Kansas City a clear path to a wild card spot. They just had to beat one of the hottest quarterbacks in the NFL to get there. I have trust issues when it comes to believing that the Chiefs will take care of must-win business, but they did it against the Chargers.

Now they have to do it again. A win against the Buffalo Bills would make the Chiefs clear favorites to take the second wild card spot, and if the Steelers lose in Seattle (the Seahawks are favored), the Chiefs control their own destiny in the wild card race as a whole.

It’s scary, but I’m starting to believe that all of those things will happen.

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