Jah Reid fined for beating up Von Miller


The Kansas City Chiefs beat the hell out of the Denver Broncos last Sunday at Sports Authority Field, and apparently took things a bit too far. Kansas City’s right tackle Jah Reid was fined $8,681 by the National Football League for unnecessary roughness on Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller, according to Herbie Teope.

This is perhaps the best fine in franchise history. Reid knocked Miller to the ground and then just slammed his face into the turf. Sorry, but nobody in the Chiefs Kingdom is going to feel bad for Miller, who might be the dirtiest player in the NFL. Last year, Miller speared Alex Smith well after he threw the ball, and is also well-known for tripping players on the field.

Frankly, owner Clark Hunt should pick up the tab. Reid sent a message that the Chiefs were not going to be bullied by the Broncos, and it helped Kansas City win, 29-13. Reid is likely not going ot be remembered long-term in these circles, but that moment might have earned him a small part of Chiefs lore for taking on that damn cheap-shot artist.

Eat it, Von. Eat your heart out.