Chiefs streaking: The boys are back in town

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Jan 19, 2015; Lake Forest, IL, USA; New Chicago Bears head coach John Fox looks on during a press conference at Mugs Halas Auditorium. Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure John Fox is licking his chops because coaches don’t forget snubs like being fired. You know Fox, the Bear’s new head coach, will do everything in his power to “pay-it-backwards” shall we say, to John Elway, because, “Elway didn’t believe he [Fox] could take them to the next level” so Elway canned him.

So, could Denver lose three out of those four games? Sure, why not. Not likely but possible. After all, who would have thought they were going to lose two in a row two weeks ago? On the other hand, their defense is very, very good. Then again, last Sunday was a statement game for the Chiefs and they made it perfectly clear: “We are to be respected too!”

As I mentioned previously, the Chiefs can win a playoff game this year… IF… they can get there. If you don’t think that’s possible because they can’t beat bad teams as evidenced by losses to such teams earlier in the year, consider what AA’s own Brandon Fry had to say about that in his piece called, “Chiefs Defense Will Have to Stay Great to Make the Playoffs,”

"“Now, all of a sudden, a loss to the 1-3 Bears doesn’t look so bad with them playing much better and improving to a 4-5 record. The 2-2 Vikings team that the Chiefs lost to are now leading their division with a 7-2 record. What once was viewed as a low-quality victory over the Texans looks better now after the team improving to 4-5 with a win over the division-leading Bengals.”"

So, what about the teams the Chiefs would likely face in the playoffs… if they can get that far?

The Colts and the Texans are obviously beatable. Both teams currently stand at 4-5 and Andrew Luck no longer looks like the next Peyton Manning. The Texans have shown the world how to beat the Bengals: play great defense. The first time the Chiefs faced Cincinnati they gave up 36 points.

That’s not likely to happen again the way the D is playing now. Do you think the Patriots want to play the Chiefs? They may not be “scared” of the Chiefs but in the back of their minds they know K.C. could do to them what they did to them last year, a 41-14 palindrome piece of perfection.

I doubt there’s anyone out there that WANTS to face the Chiefs right now and if the Chiefs put together a long winning streak, then… that will include everyone in the league and not just in the AFC.

The point is… if the Kansas City can get to the playoff finish line… they can do some damage. How can I be so sure? Because the boys are back in town!