The Chiefs things I think (mid-season)

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3. Big Red at home

All credit goes to him and the offensive line, the team is doing a great job. West on Charles

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Chiefs head coach. Clark Hunt is a loyal owner. Andy Reid was the coach he went out and got.  All indications are that Reid isn’t going anywhere, even if the team finishes below .500.

Now, if the Chiefs go on a slide and finish with five wins or less, that story could change. The schedule features 4 games against teams with losing records. With the Chiefs on the rise, Reid would have to oversee a meltdown to only reach 5 wins on the season. That is a longshot.

4. Father Time is calling

The Coaching staff is squeezing every last snap out of Tamba Hali that they can.  Early in the season, Hali looked tired and unable to make an impact. Dee Ford wasn’t ready and Hali stayed on the field.  He started the season averaging 62 snaps per game over the first three contests and produced just a single sack. The man has knee issues and the staff began to adjust for it following a season-high 72 snaps against the Vikings in Week 6.

They began resting Hali during the week and reducing his snaps on Sundays. In the last two contests, both wins, Hali has averaged just 44.5 snaps and produced three sacks. By limiting the number of snaps, Hali is seeing increased effectiveness when he is on the field. This is likely to be the last surge for Hali. He is a free agent in 2016.

5. Future of the offensive line

Jeff Allen has played well and should be re-signed. Its no coincidence that teams turn of fortune began as Jeff Allen returned to the field. Allen has stepped back into the starting lineup a two different positions and played as well as any Kansas City lineman in 2015. He has some big tests coming in the final eight games, but Allen’s performance and his diversity make him worth re-signing at a level that reflects his injury history.

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