We finally saw the Chiefs team we expected


On this episode of the Roughing the Kicker Chiefs podcast, Joshua Brisco breaks down the Chiefs victory over the Detroit Lions in London and discusses the now-evident importance of a functional offensive line, the development of Charcandrick West, and much more from the game. Plus, a glance towards Denver and the quarterback strategy that the Chiefs must implement for the future of the franchise.

The Kansas City Chiefs showed up overseas in a big way. For the first time all season, the offense gelled, the defense dominated, special teams performed, and the team put the hammer down. On Sunday, bright and early, I felt like I was seeing the Chiefs team that I expected in the preseason. Yes, the Lions are terrible, but going to London to play a fellow NFL team is a complicated task, and no game in the league is a given.

On the other hand, this team is now 3-5, going to the Broncos after the bye week. The Chiefs certainly can’t lose more than seven games and maintain a prayer for the playoffs. They likely can’t lose more than six. And I would argue that the worst fate an NFL team can suffer is to go 7-9 and get a poor draft pick, still consistently out of the playoff race. However, the Lions win did change something.

Until the Chiefs pull off a major upset in Denver (which I am not predicting), I refuse to put any sort of expectations on this team. They had them in the preseason and absolutely squandered them. However, with back-to-back wins in Denver and San Diego (again, not predictions), the season would be turned on its head. And I think this Lions game justifies a small shred of hope. Not just because they beat a bad team, but because the Chiefs looked so good doing it. A team performing that well just might have the slimmest chance to finish a season with a valiant run to the playoffs.

There’s room for hope once again, as long as we can all acknowledge how absurd it would be.

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