The Chiefs find the right look in London

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Defensively, Bob Sutton may have called his best game as the team’s defensive coordinator. He kept Matthew Stafford under duress for most of the contest. Sutton sent delayed blitzes, middle blitzes, and blitzes on the edge with Ron Parker (who finished the day with two sacks).

The Chiefs also played aggressively in coverage with single-high sets. Quiet as kept, it was the performance of Sean Smith and Marcus Peters that created such a fearsome pass rush on Sunday. Sutton moved the chess pieces around masterfully against the Lions and his group should have some confidence when they square up with Denver two weeks from now.

The Chiefs were also helped by a rock solid game from the special teams unit. Dave Toub’s group had two big returns and some excellent coverage on the day. It was the first time all season that the special teams, as a whole, played a significant role in a Kansas City victory. Knile Davis and DeAnthony Thomas were decisive, but they also had quality blocking on returns on Sunday. If this continues, the Chiefs will be a three-dimensional team with a real chance to turn their season around when it resumes in two weeks.

At the end of the day, if the Chiefs’ coaching staff explores the depth and breadth of its imagination and stays out of the way of the team’s play makers, this team can win games. Scheme is a critical part of the Chiefs actualizing their potential, but so too is playing to the strengths of the personnel and a willingness to play an aggressive style of football. It’s clear this group of players is at its absolute best when it challenges teams on both sides of the ball.

Reid and Sutton have to keep that at the forefront of their minds through the back half of the season. The talent is best suited to dictate than to be dictated to. If this team can commit to that philosophy, they’ll be in the best position to rebound in 2015.

It’s not quite time to revisit postseason aspirations, but this team can win enough games down the stretch to have hope come 2016. The Chiefs still have to climb back to .500 before salvaging the season can become a realistic goal. I will say this though: The post-bye week matchup with the Denver Broncos is now a VERY important game. I now believe this team’s 3-5 record is largely due to the devastation that followed their Week 2 loss.

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Losing to the Broncos the way they did destroyed this team. Imagine what a win over Denver, in Denver, could do for the Chiefs. The lift in confidence alone could be monumental for this team’s emotional and psychological well-being. Reid is traditionally sharp with extra time to prepare. It didn’t quite work out for him last year in a similar situation, but every season is different.

Do you believe what you saw from the Chiefs on Sunday or was that an aberration solely due to facing one of the league’s worst teams? Can the Chiefs offense continue to produce if they can be efficient on third down and in the red zone? Will the old Bob Sutton resurface at the first sign of defensive trouble or has he truly learned the error of his ways? Use the comment section below to weigh in. As always, we appreciate your readership and support!

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