Kansas City Chiefs: How much have they improved?

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The Kansas City Chiefs won their second game in a row on Sunday when they dominated the Detroit Lions in London by a final score of 45-10. While Detroit is obviously a team in total disarray, it was just two weeks ago that most people were saying the same thing about the Chiefs. Now, after two convincing wins in a row it is safe to say that Kansas City is not one of the absolute worst teams in the NFL. So now the question for all of Chiefs Kingdom becomes this: “Just how good of team are they?”

As I just mentioned, just a few short weeks ago most objective observers would have ranked KC and their 1-5 record as one of the worst teams in all of the NFL. If nothing else, the Chiefs have now established that they are at the very least, better than the train wrecks like Houston and Detroit. There are, in fact, at least nine NFL teams (ten if Dallas loses to Seattle in a game that is being played as I type this) with less wins than Kansas City. Think about that, almost a third of the NFL has less wins than the Chiefs.

In fact, while teams like New England, Denver, and Cincinnati have all left the Chiefs in the rear view mirror, there isn’t a single team in the AFC that Kansas City would be competing for a Wild Card spot with that has more than four wins. So despite the absolute train wreck that was Kansas City’s five-game losing streak, they are only one game out of the Wild Card hunt in the win column with a very favorable schedule ahead of them.

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