The Chiefs scoring ceiling, Hall for Jamaal, a defensive D and the NGU

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Have the Kansas City Chiefs reached a scoring ceiling that they can’t break through?

I recall some conversations when Andy Reid first came to town… with his dynamic offensive playbook… that the Chiefs might end up scoring too quickly… and consequently put the defense out on the field for too long a time. Or… something along those lines.

Andy Reid’s offense was supposed to be a quick strike offense but all of that talk seems to have disappeared. Now, the offense is scoring at such a snail’s pace that the team doesn’t have the ability to dictate anything… when they have the ball.

Is It Possible that the League Has Figured Andy Reid Out?

Could the league have figured Andy Reid and his offensive scheme out by now? They certainly have to know what his tendencies are.

After 7 games in the 2015 season, the Kansas City Chiefs offense has scored a total of 150 points. At first glance that averages out to 21.4 points per game.

However, kicker Cairo Santos has scored 58 of those points by field goal or extra point which now leaves the Chiefs offense with 92 of those points produced.

But wait, both Marcus Peters and Ramik Wilson scored to take another 12 points away from the offense. That leaves 80 points the offense has produced in 7 games of the 2015 season.

If you divide 80 (points) by 7 (games) you get 11.4 points per game.

Think of the offense’s production in this way: since we know that each TD is worth 6 points… the Chiefs are producing less than one TD… per half of football.

Take that a step further by looking at the total number of possessions the Chiefs have had in 2015 and that number of is 84. Divide 84 by the total number of points the offense is responsible for scoring (80) and you get the total number of points scored per possession, which comes to 1.05.

In other words, fans should only expect the Chiefs to score approximately once in every six times they handle the football.

Since the Chiefs have had 84 possessions this year, if you take that number and divide it by 7 (the total number of games they’ve played this year) you get 12. That works out to a little less than one score per half (approximately).

In 2014, the offense produced 2.25 TDs per game. That’s was down from 2.6 in 2013.

Chiefs fans have been hoping for a lot more than that. The question is, why has this offense so completely under-performed… and appear to be producing less and less? Red Zone efficiency is down this year. Could that be the answer? To come full circle, could it be because teams have figured out Andy Reid’s offense?

Or… maybe a new play caller is in order.

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