Podcast: New silver linings, still a dark cloud


On this episode of the Roughing the Kicker podcast, Joshua Brisco tries to appreciate the silver linings in the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, while still recognizing the dark cloud that the 2015 season has become. But do the Chiefs still have a shot at a playoff run? …Kind of, sort of, maybe? Plus, a look ahead to the Chiefs battle with the Detroit Lions in London, then breaking down three proposed Chiefs trades from Gil Brandt on NFL.com.

The new offensive line played well, Charcandrick West looked good, Chris Conley is improving, and the Chiefs were much better on third down, all without Jeremy Maclin or Jamaal Charles. Good things happened in the Chiefs’ victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, but… it was against Landry Jones. And the Chiefs are now 2-5. Even a remotely plausible (but not likely) 6-3 record from here on out would only be enough to keep the Chiefs away from a top-10 draft pick that could (if everything went perfectly) change the future of the franchise.

So, barring a truly historic turn of events, the Chiefs are going to miss the playoffs, but they’re not in full-on tank mode. There’s no “Suck for Luck” to be found here, even though any Colts fan would tell you that one miserable season was worth every minute in exchange for Andrew Luck a few months after the season ended. So, what do we root for? What do we watch for? Even though there are silver linings showing up for this Chiefs season, I can’t help but be distracted by the massive cloud that surrounds it.

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