NFL news: Around the league in 32 plays

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Happy Red Friday, Addicts!

Let me start by apologizing for this article being published late, and for any news or rumors I may have missed.  While I was lucky enough to avoid the worst of the flooding in South Carolina, some of the repair efforts have caused a good deal of interference to both my internet access and power.  Everything is fine now, so onto the news…

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This is why I love the NFL!!!!  Just when you think things are settling into a groove and the news is getting boring, you get a crazy week like this!  I mean, this past week of NFL news is hard to beat in terms of drama.  Spats between teammates, tension between owners, coaches, and general managers, teams going at it with officials…that’s just a lot of excitement for what has actually been kind of a down year in terms of on-the-field product.

There may be a bit of a sit down between Ravens leadership and the NFL sometime soon.

Baltimore Ravens:  The Ravens may draw some heat from the league offices for calling out the officials for the blown “eligible receiver” and “down by contact” issues on Monday night.  Despite a league mandate not to, Baltimore has used its official website to address the calls.  There was also an issue of the Ravens head sets going out during the final drive of the game.

  • Chiefs’ take: Officiating has been bad this year, and Andy Reid has made note of a couple of key calls that have ultimately hurt the Chiefs.  However, the NFL allows for a distinction between a coach’s post game conference and the team’s reaction on social media.

Buffalo Bills:  Wide receiver Sammy Watkins got into some hot water when he fired back at fans criticizing him for being injured.  Watkins’ post was subsequently removed and it is unclear whether he’ll face any discipline for lashing out.

  • Chiefs’ take:  There has been a good deal of frustration between Watkins, the Bills, and the fanbase this season.  That bears a degree of watching as things seem to only be getting more strained for all parties involved.  A drastic action could be taken.  Remember, this team moved Kiko Alonso out.
  • Author’s Note:  Bravo!  While there is a perception that players “can’t do that”, I applaud Watkins for calling out the people who go after him.  While the internet supposedly provides an even playing ground for everyone to be heard, too often that is only applied to those making comments rather than the people being commented on.

Carolina Panthers:  The Panthers have released former Chiefs center Eric Kush.

Chiefs’ take

: There was some excitement in KC for Kush this season as he began the year as the penciled in starter at center.  However, it was quickly realized that his development had not come as far as had been hoped and he was soon replaced by rookie center Mitch Morse and second year guard-turned-backup-center Zach Fulton.

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