Podcast: You don’t owe the Chiefs anything


The Chiefs owe you a better product in exchange for your loyalty.

On this episode of Roughing the Kicker: you don’t owe the Kansas City Chiefs anything. After starting 1-5, another Chiefs season has ended prematurely, and it’s not your fault for being optimistic. Plus, a quick look back on what went wrong in the Bears and Vikings losses, then a look ahead to the Steelers game and what the future holds for this Chiefs team.

Your 1-5 Kansas City Chiefs have lost a season with 10 games left, in a year that was supposed to be the turning point. Peyton Manning was heading downwards. The Chiefs were going into their third year of John Dorsey’s roster and Andy Reid’s system. Justin Houston got a monster deal to lead Bob Sutton’s defense, the offensive line was fixed, the secondary and defensive line looked so deep.

And it’s over. And it’s not your fault for being optimistic and buying in. It’s not your fault that this team sells hope year after year and finds new ways to obliterate it. In Andy Reid’s tenure as head coach of the Chiefs, we’ve seen a season end in a soul-crushing playoff game, in the final weeks of the regular season, and now, in week five, totally devoid of hope. (Losing to the Vikings was just the next step.)

So what can you do now as a fan? Well, whatever you want. On this episode of the show, I try to share my viewpoint that you don’t owe the Chiefs anything. The Chiefs have an incredible fan base, but they need to prove that they deserve it, not the other way around.

Plus, what do the Chiefs do from here? 2016 looks to be captained by Reid, Dorsey, and Alex Smith for one final season. What can the Chiefs do from where they currently stand?

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