K.C. Chiefs “Taking a Fifth”

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To quote 3 Dog Night, “One is the loneliest number” and it couldn’t be more true after the Kansas City Chiefs finished their sixth game but, couldn’t add a second win. Instead they took on their 5th loss which adds another meaning to taking a fifth (although equating a loss to… sippin’ liquor, is a bit like equating a stubbed toe to… a body cast), which is exactly what the 2015 version of the Chiefs, has done. While it appears to be a negative numbers-mania year for the Chiefs, those numbers aren’t presently looking like a BFF. Here’s hoping the red-n-gold can get stuck on five (losses) and make a long winning run to three days past midnight, New Year’s eve (the last game of the season is Jan. 3).

Let the numbers mania ensue….

“Chiefs, Party of Five… Chiefs, Party of Five”

Five teams: the Chiefs, the Lions, the Jags the Titans and the Ravens. Those are your drinking buddies and dinner guests. All five with the worst record in the NFL and one win to their names… each. Boy, I didn’t expect to see the Ravens here… or the Chiefs frankly. However, these teams are the current poker competition to see who has the worst of the worst… hand in the league.

That reminds me… my daughter knew some rather unique kids growing up who used to say, “I’m a loser and losers rule.” I’m hoping the Chiefs haven’t also reached that certain level of “unique.” Here’s hoping they can get going against the Steelers and QB Landry Jones this weekend.

BTW… if Marcus Peters picks Landry Jones at least once this week, AA will be giving away a free ticket to outer space on Virgin Galactic air. Legal Notice: this article was written while in Minnesota, the most recent marijuana induced state.

Five’ll Get Ya Ten

There is something called the “Most Valuable Player Award” that everyone is familiar with. I think there could also be an award for “The Player Who Was the Best Value.” In fact, the more I think about it, the player who was the best value could turn out to be more valuable to an organization than the most valuable player. Why? Because you can actually have more players who are have a high value as players for the amount they are actually ever paid. Plus, all the really good organizations have a bevy of those guys.

On Thursday, Seth Keysor, MNchiefsfan, of ArrowheadPride wrote a piece called, “”Allen Bailey has been worth every penny to the Kansas City Chiefs” in which he says,

"“First, there are the stats. Did you know Allen Bailey (4.5) currently has more sacks than Justin Houston (4.0)? Or that he’s tied for sixth in the league in that stat? …  At 4.5 sacks, Bailey is on pace (if you believe in “projecting” numbers) for 12 sacks this season. That’s a MONSTER number for a 3-4 defensive end.”"

The four year $25M contract general manager John Dorsey signed Bailey to now looks like a real steal of a deal. Especially when so many other players on the team are not living up to expectations… or their value.

You know who else could be considered for “The Player Who Was the Best Value” award? That guy is… no drum roll needed please… Jaye Howard. Howard is on the back end of a 4 year $2.53M dollar deal. That’s a “2.5”… not a “25.” He’s making only $633,716 in 2015. Someone… here in K.C…. better lock this MONSTER man up to a new long term deal ASAP!

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