Coffee with the Chiefs – Mike Tomlin’s assessment


Good morning, Addicts! You know what it day it is … HUMP DAYYYYYYY. We roll into Wednesday with the Kansas City Royals on the verge of reaching the World Series for the second consecutive season, ready to face either the Chicago Cubs or New York Mets.

Just that sentence alone should give you hope for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Royals were the biggest joke of a franchise in North America for the better part of 25 years before they finally figured it out. The Chiefs are not even close to that level. Maybe, one day, this team will finally get on the right path as well.

Here’s the news you need to know:

Mike Tomlin’s take on the Kansas City Chiefs (VIDEO) Pittsburgh Steelers official website

Meet the men who dole out the uniform fines in Kansas CityAdam Teicher of ESPN

"Shawn Barber is standing statue-still in the Kansas City Chiefs’ locker room after a recent home game against the Chicago Bears. In the flurry of chaotic activity — players dressing, reporters bouncing from locker to locker collecting quotes, equipment guys trying to put everything in order — he can be easy to miss, or at least as easy to miss as a 6-foot-2, 240-pound former Chiefs linebacker can be."

Chiefs are failures in the fourth quarter with Alex SmithAdam Teicher of ESPN

"History says the Chiefs were doomed to fail. Sunday’s game was the sixth time since Smith joined the Chiefs in 2013 that they needed a late fourth-quarter touchdown to win a game."

Not everything is bad with Kansas CityAdam Teicher of ESPN

"But Reid is right in that the Chiefs have some reason for hope, most of them on defense. The Chiefs held Adrian Peterson to 2.5 yards per carry. They intercepted a pair of passes for the first time this season."