Chiefs offense stays asleep

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What’s Next?

The Chiefs will be hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday at high noon where a standoff between two gunmen will take place, Alex Smith and Landry Jones. As bad as Kansas City has been I would have still had a little hope in the Chiefs beating a Steelers team without Ben Roethlisberger, especially with Jones at the helm. but that feeling has changed a bit. Jones didn’t put up big numbers but was extremely efficient in what Steelers asked him to do on Sunday. Jones completed 8-of-12 passes for 168 yards and threw two touchdowns against a very good Arizona Cardinals defense.

You can expect that if Pittsburgh is without Roethlisberger again this Sunday, the team will carry that same philosophy into Arrowhead, meaning we’ll see a heavy dose of Le’Veon Bell and limited passing from Jones. While I do believe this plays into the Chiefs favor, Kansas City will lose in a similar fashion if the offense plays dead again.

I’m going to make a bold statement here, a statement that will absolutely blow your mind because it’s hard to take in this much revelation. The only games Kansas City will have a chance to win this year are games that its quarterback plays better than the opposing quarterback. Now look at the schedule and tell me which games that can be possible. I agree, it looks grim. I don’t see us winning much more but this upcoming game presents one of those rare windows where the Chiefs have a real chance. I’m not telling you to hold your breath or put this in as a lock but don’t be surprised if they pull it off.

I’ve poked at the team a little bit in my mass disappointment with this season, but deep down want to see this team win as many games as possible. Will I complain if we do tank this year? I wouldn’t. Generally speaking, good things can come from failing into a top pick. Usually change takes place after a terrible season and maybe we actually draft a quarterback in the first round. Adam Teicher who covers the team with ESPN wrote just about that very topic on Tuesday.

Win or lose, the faithful fans like yourselves who are reading this will stick with the team and wait for them to be a great team again. If anything, the team just a parking lot over from Arrowhead should provide some hope that things no matter how bleak they look can turn around.

That’s what’s on my mind, Addicts, what’s on yours?