Open Letter to the Chiefs…


Addressed to Clark Hunt and the Kansas City Chiefs;

After watching our beloved Chiefs fumble and falter their way through yet another loss, and facing down the prospect of yet another losing season, I have reached my point of no return with this team, with your team. They are no longer my team. I’ve had my fill of bad football and crappy excuses, and your product is worth neither my time nor my money.

Over the past 10 seasons, this once proud franchise has won a grand total of 68 games, while compiling many embarrassing and soul-crushing defeats on the path to accumulating 92 defeats. That’s right, this organization, over the past decade, is a loser.

This league is set up for teams to be average, and for an entire decade, through three general managers, multiple head coaches and different schemes, ideologies and processes, this team loses. Yet, while this organization continues to fall flat on its face, we continue to hear the same song and dance. We’re tired of the apologies and excuses. It’s time for this organization to face the music. Time for Chiefs fans to take matters into their own hands.

I certainly hope you are paying attention, Clark. You are seeing your customer base angry and upset, and rightly so, as another season circles the drain. What will Clark’s reaction be when he sees all those seats filled by fans of another team, or even worse, all those seats left vacant by an angry fan base quickly morphing into apathetic and indifferent.

I will be quick and to the point; Clark, you are on the verge of losing an entire generation of devoted fans because your organization can’t figure out how to find a quarterback and win a playoff game. An entire generation of fans grew up living and dying with the Chiefs on Sundays, have found different outlets for their time and their money.

Whats even more painful is how difficult this offseason and next season could be. So many of the players that have “helped” this team are set to be free agents and/or getting old. So many positions, and too few opportunities and precious little money. How Mr. Hunt, can I be excited and hopeful about this organization when it’s trending in the wrong direction with stunning velocity?

It’s hard to understand how to stop the fall.  A season that started with so much promise has turned into a painful disaster. Maybe you knew something about this team we didn’t when you offered a home game to London.

I want to be angry, but it’s hard. Simply put,  I am having trouble caring.

This season is done, over, finished. Find out what Aaron Murray can do. Find new homes for guys who are not going to be here next year. This pisses me off, because we’ve been down this road too many times. But guess what? It’s time for a rebuild and a reload. It’s time to turn the focus to next season, because this season is over.

Clark, your organization, and team, sucks, and it has for awhile. It’s back to the drawing board. You’ve fooled your fan base, so loyal for so long, for the last time. I’m done with your organization, I truly don’t care anymore. Next Sunday, I look forward to picking out a couple pumpkins with my family, along with so many of my Kansas City family. If you failed to receive the memo, they are done with you and your organization too.