Chiefs’ coaching situation: Pitchforks or patience?

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There’s one last thing I’d like to clarify. There’s another school of thought which contends that Reid should be given another chance to right the ship in Kansas City. They say if he’s stripped of his play-calling duties, he can focus on coaching the full 53-man squad and allow someone else to thrive where his offense has faltered. I cannot stress this enough — that’s a bad, bad idea. You don’t neuter a head coach like Andy Reid. He’s been in the NFL for more than 15 years.

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An NFL owner worth his salt shouldn’t tinker with a veteran coach like Reid. He should hire a head coach, allow him to choose what hats he’ll wear, and step aside. When the hats prove too big for that head coach, that owner should hand said coach his walking paper, hire another, and get out of the way again. Reid came to Kansas City with a blank check. With it he acquired and co-signed Alex Smith, hired defensive coordinator Bob Sutton, and made himself acting offensive coordinator. Those three things are now among Kansas City’s biggest problems.

For the sake of accountability, you have to get rid of Reid. He’s directly responsible for that terrible trifecta and must pay for it with his job. Anything else would be letting him off the hook. The ambitious head coach lives and dies by the choices he makes. Reid had his chance to surrender play calling. He’s also had ample opportunity to give Alex Smith real competition for the starting job. Lastly, a 2-4 finish in 2015 was an indication that Sutton might need to be replaced. He stuck with all three and now that hat trick will be his ticket out of town.

Am I still crazy or are you in the “Fire Andy Reid” camp now too? If not now, when would be the appropriate time to start having that conversation? If you were to fire Reid, would you do it now or wait until after the season? Use the comment section below to weigh in. As always, we appreciate your readership and support.

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