The Chiefs problems pt 4: What are our options?

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A change at the top

Clark Hunt told us all that he was going to make Andy Reid and John Dorsey independently accountable to him.  That’s a big promise from an owner, and a down season like this could be enough to get him to come through on that promise, if for no other reason than to show Chiefs fans that he is 100% serious and invested in our success.  And according to recent reports, he is not happy with what he has been seeing recently…

The interesting thing here is that John Dorsey was Reid’s choice for General Manager.  That means any decision to replace him could result in some sore feelings on the part of the Head Coach.  Could be a situation where bringing in a new Defensive Coordinator also comes into play (see my remarks on Rocky Seto and Mike Nolan).

Andy Reid absolutely should be on the hot seat at this point. Mandatory Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Head Coach

We’ll start with the spot that would be the biggest immediate change.  Any move here would certainly result in a number of other coaches being removed as well.  There would certainly be a number of decent coaches who were on their way out, but it could also open up new opportunities for other guys.  The big question though would be what avenue does Hunt approach on a search for a new coach.

  1. Mike Smith – Available (Former Falcons HC): I’ll start with the guy that has to be the top “Free Agent” on the coaching market.  I know, I know…what about Cowher or Gruden?  Both have had their chances, and both have turned down everything thrown at them.  Forget it.  Smith has had a good bit of success in his tenure, but was never able to do much in the playoffs.  Smith is a proven Head Coach who (despite his defensive background) built his name on the passing game in Atlanta, which is something the Chiefs definitely need to improve on.
  1. Adam Gase – Chicago Bears (Offensive Coordinator): Gase has been a fast riser in terms of NFL reputation.   Around the league, everyone seems to agree that he has an excellent mind for the game.  He’s a young guy, which could bring a rejuvenated atmosphere to Kansas City.  Gase was on the verge of taking over the 49ers this year, but refused to acquiesce to the organization’s demands that he keep Jim Tomsula on board.  The extended talks on the issue prevented him from pursuing other jobs, which is why he took the Offensive Coordinator job in Chicago with his former boss, John Fox.  Gase has a reputation for demanding more out of his guys, but he has also had quite a bit of offensive talent to work with in his career.

David Shaw – Stanford Cardinal (Head Coach)

: Shaw has been one of several college Head Coaches rumored to be in line for a call up to the NFL.  He has done a solid job at Stanford, taking over for Jim Harbaugh.  However, there are some questions there as Stanford has not been the top contender under Shaw that they were under Harbaugh.  There are many that believe this is the reason why no team has pulled the trigger on him yet, they want to see that return to the top first.

Will the Chiefs be the team to finally pull the trigger on Kevin Sumlin? Mandatory Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

  1. Kevin Sumlin – Texas A&M Aggies (Head Coach): There are few coaches that have pulled their team to the top (and stayed there) like Kevin Sumlin.  Sumlin clearly gets how to motivate a team and has produced some top tier NFL prospects, including a pair of quarterbacks.  Sumlin seems like an obvious choice for the move and there has been a lot of rumored interest from teams, but he is clearly waiting for the right situation.  Kansas City could offer a very good situation for him considering the talent already on the field.  The big concern?  Would he make a (very questionable) move for Johnny Manziel?
  1. Brad Childress – Kansas City Chiefs (Offensive Consultant): Here is your in house option.  Childress has experience as an NFL Head Coach, though it didn’t end well.  To be honest, I see this as a very tough sell to Clark Hunt considering the results of former assistants being promoted (Gunther Cunningham and Romeo Crennel).  Chilly would offer some continuity, which could be a good selling point for him considering the recent success of the team.

I really do like the Head Coach options for this year, and admittedly, a five-person list doesn’t do it justice.  We may be at the point where the game has passed Andy Reid by and it is simply time for some new blood.  If that is the case, then I really do hope the Chiefs would look for one of the younger options to try and bring a bit of a spark back to Arrowhead.  Or, the Chiefs could trust in Reid and decide that he just needs better people…

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