The Chiefs problems Pt 3: The Leadership

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Gary Gibbs

What?  Gary?  Why?  I’ll tell you why…this team misses too many freaking tackles.  And a lot of them are coming from the linebackers.  That is supposed to be the most sure-tackling group on the field.  Now, we know Mauga struggles…but DJ was getting schooled by Jay Cutler!  C’mon man, we have got to be better than that.  At some point, Gary Gibbs has got to get back to schooling his guys on the basics of football.  If they aren’t tackling correctly, then fix that!

Experience doesn’t mean a lot if you can’t relate it to the current players. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Emmitt Thomas

There are some more tackling issues in the secondary, and that has to stop.  Especially with Ron Parker.  Your free safety needs to be a sure tackler simply because there is nobody behind him most of the time.  However, my big concern here is that nobody seems to be getting any interceptions.  Coach Thomas was one of the most prolific at it in Chiefs history, but that is not translating to the guys on the field today.  The Chiefs secondary has got to start showing opposing quarterbacks that there is a cost to trying to throw the ball against us.

Tom Melvin

I’m not gonna lie Tom, you’ve really let this team down.  Travis Kelce has regressed in his blocking techniques and it has been painful to watch at times.  But even more frustrating is that this team had clearly put its faith in the development of Demetrius Harris, and it simply has not shown up on the field.  Harris made the most important transition last year by becoming a football player rather than just an athlete.  This year should have been all about building on that, and it hasn’t been.

Matt Nagy/Doug Pederson/Brad Childress

You can also lump Andy Reid into this group, but it really comes down to the failure to develop a quarterback.  C’mon guys, you’ve had the time and the guys to do it with.  Chase Daniel, Aaron Murray, Tyler Bray, Terrelle Pryor, and a host of other quick walk ons and camp arms.  At some point, you have to be able to develop someone to do the job Alex Smith is currently doing.  The Chiefs don’t ask a lot of their quarterbacks, and that should mean that it is easier to develop someone into a capable starter…and one would think at a much lower price than we are paying Alex Smith.

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