Chiefs failures: Looking at the defense

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Summing it all up

The Chiefs defense has to start coming through. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

You really can’t look at a single part of the Chiefs defense and hold it up as being successful.  In fact, with the exceptions of Jaye Howard and Marcus Peters, you can’t even really praise the individual performances.  This group is flat out under-performing, and it is killing the team.

You can say that the offense is putting undue pressure on them, but that has always been the case.  That’s what happens with defense-based football teams.

The fact that most of our problems are stemming from the lack of a pass rush and poor pass coverage are very disturbing.  These are supposed to be areas that the Chiefs can count on to perform.  So when these groups aren’t getting it done, it becomes almost impossible for the team to win.

As with the offense, the loss to the Bears highlighted some of the Chiefs big issues.  Notably was the inability to finish the game.  Yes, they were likely tired at that point, but there needs to be an extra gear there.  Kansas City had shut down the Chicago offense for three quarters.  You have to be able to hold on just that extra bit.  Especially against a team lacking in talent to start with, but also decimated by injuries.  A lot of pressure is placed on this group to perform, and they need to pull through in those kinds of situations.  18 points isn’t a lot…but 12 points in the fourth quarter is.

We need a major change on this team.  Hopefully it can come at the player level, in the form of developing mental toughness and simply executing better.  If not, then we need to take a serious look at the leadership of this team and make some sweeping changes on the coaching staff and in the front office.  But whatever the solution is, don’t be naive enough to think that it will come from just benching or firing one person.