Andy Reid shouldn’t be fired

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Sep 28, 2015; Green Bay, WI, USA; Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid calls a play during the game against the Green Bay Packers in the fourth quarter at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

2. Reid is a solid coach, but it’s time to pass the sheet.

Reid is a good head coach; no one can argue this fact. He is liked by his players; he is (usually) liked by fans. He has a good offensive mind. But, it is time for him to pass the play calling sheet.

As stated, Reid seemingly spends a lot of time on the sidelines planning the next series of plays, more so than watching the game. Now for some coaches this has worked out great. A good example is Mike McCarthy from Green Bay, he called the plays and it worked great. But even McCarthy knew it was time to give it up and did so this year.

Reid needs to take the Super Bowl winning coach’s idea, and finally give up play calling. Head coaches, it should be assumed, would be involved in all parts of this team. He should work with his defense, offense and special teams. Every aspect of the game should be monitored by the head coach. Now, without knowing exactly how often he is involved, this is a shot in the dark how much time he splits himself between the three.

Even still, it is time to give up play calling in Kansas City. Handing that responsibility off to current offensive coordinator Doug Pederson or even Brad Childress, who was hired for his offensive mind, should be the next logical move for Reid at this moment. He can still have input, yes, but it may be time to see what someone else can do with this offense.