Chiefs: They still don’t make sense

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Oct 11, 2015; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) throws a pass against the Chicago Bears in the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

And then there was this week’s matchup with the bears. If ever K.C. was gonna run up the score it would be on the Bears. going into the game Chicago was tied with the Chiefs for having allowed the most points. But somehow, a top ten scoring offense managed to score the fewest points of the season to date in a home game against a weak defense. And the two most ineffective defenses in the league managed to play one of the lowest scoring games of the weekend (only three other matches had fewer total points scored).

And the explanations for why the Chiefs do not make sense don’t make a ton of sense either.

The simplest is to say Kansas City just isn’t that good. You would certainly be forgiven for thinking that looking at the last few games, but saying they just aren’t that good implies that they have a low ceiling. And we know that is not true.

The biggest losses in the offseason were Dwayne Bowe and Rodney Hudson. Both meaningful players, but Bowe was replaced by a younger and more talented Jeremy Maclin. And though Hudson was the brightest spot on a very bleak offensive line, he has been replaced by a very capable rookie in Mitch Morse.

Based on nothing more than that, Kansas City should have been in a similar or slightly better position than they were last year. But more happened in the offseason . . . and it was generally good. Marcus Peters came into the organization with the Chiefs’ first pick of the draft. K.C. acquired Ben Grubbs from New Orleans to provide a proven veteran presence on the offensive line. Derrick Johnson and Mike DeVito came back from injuries. And, oh yeah, Eric Berry kicked lymphoma’s backside.

This team had no reason whatsoever to be worse than last season. The only thing that made sense was improvement. But since that was so logical, obviously we shouldn’t have expected it with this group.

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