Chiefs are their own worst enemies

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Oct 11, 2015; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) throws a pass against the Chicago Bears in the first half at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

I love sports, don’t you? We fans (the loyal ones anyway) one way or another find ourselves somehow following a sports team for most of our lives. Whether it’s a friend setting you up on a blind date with this team on an outing to watch the game or just naturally bumping into the team flipping through the channels. We grow into soul mates with our sports teams and make a decision for better or for worse.

It’s the best reality show television has to offer. There are no producers or directors behind the scenes giving the stars of the show tips or ideas of they’d like the show to go,  it’s just organic entertainment conjured up by skilled athletes that can fail just like you or me.

The Kansas City Chiefs have provided some really good memories for me. Memories I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. There’s a unique feeling unlike any other when these great moments come. These moments are hard to come by and don’t happen all that often which drives fans to keep watching and waiting for the next great one.

Unfortunately, the pendulum does swing both ways. This very same sports team that you love so very much also has the ability to perform acts and recounts from the movie Saw on your heart. “Want to play a game?” Yet, we keep playing because it’s worth the risk to us. Our nemesis John Elway once said in an interview with the Denver press “They’ve really been a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde team,” in describing the Chiefs in an upcoming game. He has a point.

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