Chiefs coaches: Are you kidding me?


The first thing I should note is that this article was written immediately after the train-wreck of the Chiefs’ loss to the Chicago Bears. It is more of a rant at Andy Reid and his Chiefs’ incompetence, rather than a dissection of such a poor showing. Of the four defeats so far this season, this was the most depressing. The Bears!! How on Earth did the Chiefs lose this game?

Only the Chiefs would be able to throw away an extremely comfortable 14-point lead against one of the worst teams around in the NFL. Not only was this the Bears, this was a banged-up Bears team. No Alshon Jeffery, Eddie Royal or first-round rookie Kevin White. They had no wide receivers and somehow, the Chiefs allowed the Bears offense to waltz up and down the field in the fourth quarter.

When looking at who to blame, there is no particular Unfortunately, the Chiefs look so poor at times that there is almost no one safe from criticism. From Andy Reid and his play calling to Bob Sutton and his unpreventing prevent defense, from the apparently elite defense and pass rush to Alex Smith and his offense. However, I want to look at the coaches, especially Reid and Sutton.

Firstly, the offense, and in particular head coach Andy Reid. Many in Chiefs Kingdom have been proposing that Andy Reid give up the play calling, myself included. Well, if you weren’t convinced that Reid and his obsession with trick plays and bubble screens is hurting the potential of this team, then after the scoreless second half offensive performance on Sunday, you must be by now.

The best drive of the game for the Chiefs was the first one after the halftime. Oddly, for the best drive of the game, this ended in a blocked field goal, a season ending torn ACL for star running back Jamaal Charles and was the start of the Bears comeback but the way the offense moved the chains with the run game, and then released Maclin for a 16-yard reception off of play-action.

This is the type of offense Kansas City should be running. With a quarterback like Alex Smith under center, it is unreasonable to ask him to carry the offense on his back. Thankfully, you have, or perhaps I should say had, one of the best running backs in the league in Jamaal Charles. It is foolish to not use such an elite weapon, and yet Reid seems insistent on running wide receiver screens and trick plays with De’Anthony Thomas, ignoring his biggest offensive weapon. It is time to let Doug Pederson take the reins as the offensive play caller and see what he can do with what is currently a lackluster offense.

Now to the defensive side of the ball. Bob Sutton needs to get his act together. How can a defense look so good for three quarters and then crumble in the 4th quarter? Bob Sutton’s prevent defense. That’s how. In Week 1, the Chiefs took their foot off the gas and were a successful onside kick from losing. In Week 2, Peyton Manning abused Bob Sutton’s defense in the latter stages of the game once he began sending only three and four-man rushes, and we all know how that game ended.

Once again, Bob Sutton and his defense relaxed with a comfortable lead, and once again, the Chiefs’ were at a detriment to it. The worst issue with such a tactic is it is the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result? That’s exactly what it feels like watching these Chiefs. And not just Sutton and his porous defense, but Reid and his oh so predictable offensive play calling. Sutton needs to step up. The players on that defense are extremely talented. The coaching? There’s a lot to be desired.

So, what do you think, Addicts? Do you lay a lot of the blame at the feet of the coaches? Is it time to consider replacing Reid and his coaching staff? Or are you more inclined to blame poor execution from the players on the field? Let me know in the comments below, and as always… GO CHIEFS (I’m struggling to type such positivity right now)