Chiefs’ offensive struggles could get worse

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Sep 28, 2015; Green Bay, WI, USA; Kansas City Chiefs offensive tackle Jeff Allen (71), center Mitch Morse (61), offensive tackle Eric Fisher (72) and guard Ben Grubbs (66) watch the final minutes of the game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Mitch Morse has played well for a rookie and looked the part early in the season as well but has struggled as of late. The Chiefs still can’t find a good right guard though Zach Fulton had a decent game against the Chicago Bears. Quietly Eric Fisher is playing his best football as a Chief. He has yet to allow a sack this season and has allowed six pressures in his three games played. The offensive line is regressing each week and I really think that one of the biggest issues facing the line is the offensive line coach isn’t doing his job. The Chiefs are still unable to pick up stunts and continually get beat on plays that should be routine.

Andy Reid has to improve as an offensive coordinator there is no way around it. For all the criticism Reid takes the proof is there that he has the ability to be a good coach. He’s had moments of brilliance as a coordinator where he’s called a masterful game.

So far this season that hasn’t been the case and it is something that has to improve moving forward or Reid needs to give up the play calling duties. I was encouraged yesterday watching the Chiefs not run as many plays behind the LOS as they have the past couple of weeks but they still can’t find a way to be consistent throughout an entire game.

I’ve been a big supporter of Alex Smith since he has come to Kansas City. I think he has the talent to succeed in the NFL if he has the right team around him and a good coach calling the plays. Unfortunately the Chiefs don’t have either of those currently this season.

The offensive line is inconsistent and Andy Reid can’t decide what plays to run consistently and be successful. Smith’s consistency from week to week is aggravating to say the least. While he didn’t throw a TD last week, he did throw for a career high 386 yards against a good Bengals defense. He then came back this week and threw for less than 200 yards after being at 131 at half time.

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