Chiefs vs. Bears Live Game Thread


The Kansas City Chiefs are looking to save their season and get back on track today when they take on the Chicago Bears.

We will likely find out a lot about the Chiefs today. KC has not been playing well but if despite sporting a 1-3 record, the Chiefs have no business losing this game to the Bears. Chicago’s top two receivers are out, the Chiefs are playing at home and frankly, KC has the better roster.

The NFL’s schedule-makers didn’t do the Chiefs any favors. KC has lost three in a row to 4-0 Denver, 4-0 Green Bay and 4-0 Cincinnati. The latter two of those games were on the road. The Chiefs also basically handed the Broncos the ballgame in Week 2 as I am sure you all remember too well.

All that said, the Chiefs are what they are. They’re a 1-3 team that is facing a must-win game. This afternoon could define KC’s season. A win could mean that the Chiefs have a chance to turn things around. A loss will effectively end the team’s playoff hopes.

Join us below in the live game thread and let’s see if the Chiefs can turn things around.