Chiefs fans are mad as hell


And they’re not gonna take it any more!

You can’t really blame Chiefs fans for being furiously angry. The 2015 team, on paper at least, looked pretty good. In fact, according to some, it looked “Super.”

Yet five games into the season, the Chiefs’ season is effectively over. Since its opener against a bad Houston Texans team, the Chiefs have been horrendously bad. Yes, KC drew a bad schedule. Before dropping today’s stinker to the Chicago Bears, the Chiefs had been handed defeats by three undefeated teams in the Packers, Broncos and Bengals. One could almost forgive the Chiefs for those losses, considering Green Bay and Cinci look like Super Bowl contenders.

But losing to the Bears at Arrowhead?

That’s a crap sundae.

And the cherry on top of that sundae was KC losing Jamaal Charles to a torn ACL in the third quarter.

So yeah, Chiefs fans are not happy. They’re not happy with GM John Dorsey and his inability to fix the offensive line. They’re not happy with defensive coordinator Bob Sutton and his inability to get the team to play consistent defense. And they’re sure not happy with head coach Andy Reid and his inability to get the team to, you know, win.

Oh and everyone still hates Alex Smith.

Here is just a sampling of some of the anger flowing through the Chiefs Kingdom today.

On Andy Reid: 

On Bob Sutton:

On Alex Smith:

On John Dorsey:

Sheesh. There is a lot of anger out there.

It stinks that the Chiefs are so bad this year. I love the Chiefs so much I dedicated years of my life covering them for this very blog. Trust me, I’m right there with you.

But don’t let the fact that the Chiefs stink ruin your day too much. We watch sports for entertainment after all. If the Chiefs can’t entertain you, then watch something else.

Or, if you enjoy inflicting pain on yourself, I have some advice for you: