Coffee with the Chiefs – Are things really terrible?


Good morning, Addicts! It’s HUMP DAYYYYYYYYY. Hopefully everyone got a good night of rest and relaxation. Week 5 will begin on Thursday with the Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans battling at NRG Stadium, with the Kansas City Chiefs hosting the Chicago Bears at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

In the meantime, let’s make sure we are caught up on all the stuff going on around the team. Here is the news you need to know:

Are the Chiefs just a bad team?Seth Keysor of Arrowhead Pride

"You want to know what player perfectly represents the Chiefs of the last three seasons. None other than Alex Smith, everyone’s favorite topic. Look, I’m not about to get into the nuances of Smith’s game (I’ve done that enough as it is, and I’m sure I’ll be doing it again soon), but there’s no denying that he perfectly encapsulates how frustrating the Chiefs have been since 2013."

By settling for field goals, Kansas City is accepting losingAssociated Press

"There was the offensive line that allowed five sacks. There was the defensive line that let the Bengals’ Jeremy Hill run for three touchdowns. There was the wide receiving group that failed to get open. There was the defensive backfield that let Andy Dalton throw for 321 yards."

Are things really this bad for the Chiefs?Adam Teicher of ESPN

"The situation certainly isn’t good, but it’s probably not as dismal as it seems. The Chiefs are one of four NFL teams to have played three true road games. None of the other three teams has a record better than the Chiefs. The Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles are 1-3, the Detroit Lions 0-4."

What is going on with Kansas City?Leigh Oleszczak of KC Kingdom

"Sure the Chiefs are only 1-3 and their three losses have all come against teams who are currently undefeated. The problem for me isn’t really the three losses. It’s the fact that the Chiefs haven’t been playing good football the past two weeks."