NFL power rankings: Chiefs are in freefall


The Kansas City Chiefs have been horrendous so far this year, something I really did not expect to type when I was at training camp. The team had talent all over the field, and it appeared the only thing that could derail them from a playoff berth would be major injuries.

Yet, the Chiefs have stayed healthy for the most part and still managed to be 1-3 and looking every bit their record. While the Chicago Bears are coming into Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday afternoon, the mood both around the team and fan base is something of waiting for that final straw to break the proverbial back.

Across the nation, most people have actually been giving the Chiefs some credit. After all, they lost to three teams that are yet to lose a game this season. Then again, if Kansas City was truly a Super Bowl contender, it would have at least won once, right? The Chiefs should have pounded the Denver Broncos, only to go full-blown Chiefs and turn the ball over five times before losing in incomprehensible fashion.

Have I completely bummed you out? Well, that was the idea. This way, the power rankings disaster that follows doesn’t quite seem to matter, because you were expecting the worst. Here’s the NFL power rankings after four weeks. 17

"The season started off so glowingly, or swimmingly, or whatever word would aptly describe Travis Kelce punching footballs in the end zone and Alex Smith wingin’ it like Len Dawson out there. Three tough games have come and gone since that season-opening victory over the Texans, and the Chiefs have no more wins now than they did then. Look, hosting Denver, then traveling to undefeated Green Bay and Cincinnati was clearly a tall order. What Kansas City needed was merely to steal one of those games. That Jamaal Charles fumble late in the loss to the Broncos is the play of the Chiefs’ young season thus far. Next up: hosting the Bears. Call it a must-win. Seriously."

Yahoo Sports: 15

"The last three weeks they played the Broncos, Packers and Bengals. Not fun to lose three in a row but it’s also hard to blame them too much. That’s a brutal stretch."

ESPN: 18

"What happened to the Chiefs’ defense? K.C. has allowed 31.3 PPG this season, tied for worst in the NFL. Last season, the Chiefs allowed 17.6 PPG, ranking second in the NFL."

USA Today: 21

"Wasn’t defense supposed to be their calling card? No team has given up more points than Kansas City’s 125."