Chiefs have positives to build on


It would be very easy to make an entire column on four or five huge issues that face the Kansas City Chiefs right now. At 1-3 there are plenty of things that need to be fixed moving forward. After watching the game yesterday I am going to remain positive as opposed to looking at the negatives. The biggest reason I’m looking at the positives is that even before the season I looked at the first four weeks as being difficult. After the first 4 weeks the Chiefs have lost to three of the six undefeated teams in the NFL with a combined record of 12-3 overall.

There is no doubt the Chiefs need to fix issues on the defense who suddenly can’t get to the quarterback. They also need to work on figuring out the issues on the offensive line. Andy Reid needs to improve on his play calling and time management as well but both the offense and defense can improve if the coaches adapt the scheme to the talent.

While Alex Smith certainly needs to improve in some areas he played pretty well overall yesterday. He was under pressure more than 50 percent of the time and still threw for almost 400 yards. He has started to take some shots down the field and that is something that Chiefs fans have been clamoring for for a very long time.

When I look at the Chiefs offense I have to be encouraged just a little bit. The Chiefs have figured out how to move the ball even if they fall short of putting it in the end zone at the end of the drive. With an incredible amount of pressure on their QB the Chiefs have found a way to make yards. If they can help the offensive line over the next couple of weeks they will face defenses they should be able to overpower.

Before yesterday how long had it been since the Chiefs had a 100-yard receiver two games in a row let alone a receiver over 140 yards? I’ll save you the time and tell you it’s been since the fifth week of the 2011 season. The Chiefs have gone two years without having a receiver, tight end or running back over 100 yards receiving in back to back games. Maclin also was the receiver to end the Chiefs drought on wide receivers without a touchdown in Week 3.

Jeremy Maclin is only four games into his career as a Chiefs receiver and already has more 100-yard receiving games than any other Chiefs wide receiver since Alex Smith has arrived. This offense definitely has room to grow but the Chiefs receivers are helping the passing offense when Smith has time. The weakest position in 2014 looks much upgraded and players like Chris Conley and De’Anthony Thomas are still finding their ways in the offense.

The other positive that I saw against the Bengals was a kicker that looks to have put his troubles behind him. I was frustrated the Chiefs couldn’t find the end zone yesterday but Reid wasn’t shy about letting Santos try long field goals and Cairo didn’t disappoint. He is now the Chiefs record holder for most field goals in a game and has also started to show more leg on kickoffs consistently hitting the ball at least five yards deep in the end zone.

While Kansas City hasn’t looked great other than the first half of the Houston game there are things to build on. The Chiefs have the tools at the skill positions the question is will the coaches change the schemes to fit the players. On both offense and defense the Chiefs coaches need to adapt to the players they have available. The Chiefs have yet to do that on either side of the ball.

While changing the scheme to match the players will help let’s not forget the Chiefs face four teams with a current combined record of only 5-10 for the next four weeks. The Chiefs have the talent to turn the season around it’s a matter of putting the talent together enough each game.

KC still isn’t ready to play with the elite teams in the NFL but I think they are still closer than their 1-3 record may suggest. The game that has the potential to haunt the Chiefs the most late in the season is their loss to the Broncos. Two different plays that could cost them a shot at the playoffs late in the year that served for a gut punch early on.

What do you think Addicts? Are there reasons to be positive and thinking the Chiefs can turn things around?