Chiefs are massive favorite over Bears?!?


Nothing makes sense in the world anymore. I’m not sure my brain is anywhere but all over the walls.

Somehow, the Kansas City Chiefs, who are 1-3, are favored by 11 points over the also 1-3 Chicago Bears. While the game is at Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs have been a rancid dumpster fire over the last three weeks while the Bears are coming off a win against the Oakland Raiders.

Should the Chiefs be the favorite? Yes, because they have the more talented roster and they are at home for the firs time in three weeks. But 11 points? Wow. There is not a chance in the world that I would bet on the Chiefs to cover an 11-point spread.

The defense has given up 74 points over the past two weeks and head coach Andy Reid has the look of a man who desperately wants to go home and watch Netflix until the service cuts out. Defensive coordinator Bob Sutton is likely looking for the nearest boulder to crawl under, and yet the Chiefs are favored by double digits.

When I looked for the line, I was expecting to see Kansas City favored somewhere between 3-6 points. When I saw the spread, I actually had to look twice to make sure I wasn’t insane. Turns out I’m sane, Vegas is not.

Kansas City has the talent to win this game – and most games – by 20 points. However, the Chiefs are playing like they aren’t aware of this mystical thing called a playbook, and the defense appears to have money riding on the opponent.

If you lay money on Kansas City, you are a much crazier person than I.