Chiefs’ season faces critical juncture


At 1-2, the Kansas City Chiefs are not out of the playoff race, or even the division race. However, they have to get going immediately.

The Chiefs began the season with a win over the Houston Texans, and then had a brutal defeat against the Denver Broncos, one that currently looks like a season, if not franchise-altering defeat. But it does not have to be. Kansas City still has 13 games to play and a world of talent.

Here’s the good news: Two of the Chiefs’ three-hardest games are in the books. Most would agree that the two games against Denver and the Green Bay Packers are the three toughest contests on the slate. In addition, the Chiefs are healthy and getting Sean Smith back from suspension this week. You can’t say enough about how important the return of Smith is.

This week is where we learn how this season is going to unfold. Kansas City is on a short week before traveling to take on the Cincinnati Bengals. While Cincinnati is at home and 3-0, this is a winnable game. Andy Dalton is not Aaron Rodgers, the Bengals have no pass rush, and Marvin Lewis is their head coach. Kansas City can absolutely win this contest.

If the Chiefs can pull themselves out of the ditch and beat the Bengals, they are suddenly in good position. The next four games are against the Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, Pittsburgh Steelers and Detroit Lions. All of those games are winnable, and some would say Kansas City should run the table. If the Chiefs can best Cincinnati, you could be looking at 5-3 or even 6-2 at the BYE week. Nothing wrong with either record.

The last two games have been ugly, but this team has been in tough spots before and responded. On Sunday, we are going to find out exactly what this team is made of.