How the Chiefs can beat the Packers

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You simply cannot give an opponent that many breaks and expect to win the game. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Key No. 1: Stop the mistakes.

This one is quite obvious. Stop making poor decisions resulting in turnovers.

No one blames Jamaal Charles for the loss, but it would seem that most people blame head coach Andy Reid for making questionable calls.

Reid took a lot of the blame for throwing the ball within the last two minutes of the first half. With Kansas City leading 14-7 and getting the ball to begin the second half, it was inexcusable.

Not running the clock out when you could have at least taken another minute or better off the clock to seal the team’s victory was a bad decision.

But beyond those bad decisions there were mistakes by quarterback Alex Smith.

To be fair, Smith was blasted with pressure from Denver and the offensive line, a group that was decent against Houston, failed to be the same with Denver. Smith threw two picks, and Charles let the ball go during the worst times.

Eliminating the mistakes of the players and calling a better game could not be more important against the Packers. This all goes without saying, but take away the mistakes and the Chiefs might have a shot.

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