Coffee with the Chiefs – Hope is not lost


Good morning, Addicts! Hopefully all of you enjoyed a weekend of relaxation and football. It was certainly a wild Sunday in the National Football League that left us with the Denver Broncos leading the AFC West, followed by a three-way tie. The Chiefs enjoyed some good fortune, with the Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins and Buffalo Bills all losing games they were expected to win (Buffalo to a much lesser degree). The San Diego Chargers also lost, dropping them to 1-1.

Here is the news you need to know:

Mitch Morse is settling in and off to a solid startBlair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star

"Morse, who also played at guard early in college, switched to right tackle as a junior and left tackle as a senior where he replaced Justin Britt, now with the Seattle Seahawks. In Morse’s final two years, Mizzou won two SEC division championships. He was a captain and second-team All-SEC selection in 2014."

Five reasons why the Chiefs lost to the BroncosAlec Tilson of KC Kingdom

"That’s poor football. On the coach and mostly on the quarterback. As bad of situational football as you’ll see at this level, and not acceptable from a 10-year veteran quarterback."

Five reasons the Chiefs’ season did not end on Thursday – Sean Keeler of

"Did the “passing of the torch moment” that Chiefs fans (and pundits) had hoped and pined for actually happen? Well, no. OK, fine, for about 58 minutes, it did. But that’s beside the point. If your bar for a successful season was an AFC West title, granted, that loss really, really, really didn’t help. At all. But if your bar is a postseason berth and at least one postseason victory — that elusive, teasing, blankety-blank postseason victory — then nothing is off the table. Yet."