Building Legacy: A Chiefs changing loss

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Dec 15, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry (29) scores on a 47-yard interception return in the first quarter against the Oakland Raiders at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

These two teams, the Chiefs and Broncos, remind me of K.C. and Oakland in the early days of the A.F.L. and just following the merger when both teams were top notch. They’d meet twice yearly and would knock each others brains out going toe to toe and trading blow for blow.

The Denver Broncos are an excellent team. So are the Chiefs. However, if you’re forward  looking enough (into the Chiefs future) and are willing to envision as much positive change coming, as has already arrived (in the past two and one half years), you may see that the Chiefs are improving at a rate that would indicate they’ll be light years better than their mile high counterparts by that time.

Is Peyton Manning on his last leg? Apparently not but, it’s also easy to see why he might choose for this to be his last year and while it may be this year, or next year, that the Broncos transition to Brock Osweiler at quarterback, they will clearly not be the team they are now without Mr. Manning directing air traffic on the 120 yard runway.

Admittedly, it was simultaneously disturbing and reaffirming to listen to Andy Reid deliver his post game remarks. Disturbing, because a big part of me doesn’t want to hear him speak what sounds like the “same ‘ol same ‘ol” comments following a loss: “it’s my fault.” “We made too many mistakes.” “We’ll get better.

Then again, coach Reid spoke in calm and assertive tones… grasping fully what was his responsibility to take… was open to making adjustments… and reasserted his vision for the team.

That is exactly what great coaches do and what makes them great leaders.

Some will argue that Kansas City created too many penalties to be considered a good team. It’s early in the season and this is when the most mistakes are made. The Chiefs had nine penalties for 60 yards while the Broncos had eight for 85 yards. The nature of the  Broncos penalties were on the nasty side of the ledger with a number of them coming as personal fouls, late hits and roughing the passer. That alone should make it clear to Chiefs fans that the Broncos know the Chiefs are their equal and that they’ll resort to whatever means they have to, to beat them. Not only that but, after the game the Broncos players actually had flattering things to say about the Chiefs and felt lucky to come away with a win (except Von Miller who was taking shots at Travis Kelce via Twitter — and now why would he do that unless he felt threatened?)

This game could end up being so monumental in the current historical timeline and progression of the Kansas City Chiefs organization, that it will one day command it’s own special name.

In the NFL there are many epic games which deserve nicknames. Nicknamed games like:

The Greatest Game Ever Played– 1958 Championship win, Baltimore Colts defeat NY Giants.

The Comeback- 1993 Buffalo Bills win over the Houston Oilers.

The Music City Miracle– 2000 Wild Card win for the Tennessee Titans over the Buffalo Bills

The Hail Mary Game– 1975 playoff win, Dallas Cowboys over Minnesota Vikings.

Of course there are many other nicknamed games worth mentioning, but the point is that the Chiefs and Broncos game on Thursday night is worthy of a nickname as well. Especially if the Chiefs turn their season into a “One giant leap for mankind” statement-season.

How about:

The No Kneel Game

The Fumble-n-Crumble Game

No Vile Left Behind Game

Boneheads-R-Us Game

Reid Em & Weep Game

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