Broncos stun Chiefs in epic loss


The Kansas City Chiefs played awful in their 31-24 loss to the Denver Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium. Kansas City head coach Andy Reid did them no favors, calling one of the most inexplicable games of all-time.

I’m not going to run down how the Chiefs lost, because if you are reading this, you already know. Jamaal Charles was a mess, fumbling twice in backbreaking situations. Alex Smith was terrible, throwing two interceptions that led directly to Denver either scoring or avoiding sure points for the Chiefs.

Ultimately, in my opinion, this game falls on Andy Reid. Reid might as well have been taking money from John Elway to throw the game. It was beyond comprehension. It really doesn’t matter what he has to say for himself in the press conference, because nothing can explain this away. Reid likely cost the Chiefs a chance at the AFC West title, because thinking Kansas City can go to Denver and win would be foolhardy at best.

Reid blew this game in three separate moments. The first was when the Chiefs had first and goal at the 2-yard line and threw the football three times. If that is not the height of insanity with Anthony Sherman, Jamaal Charles and Knile Davis on the roster, nothing is. Of course, Charles fumbled on a third down reception, and Denver recovered.

The second Reid mess happened right before halftime. Reid could have basically run the clock out and went to halftime with a 14-7 lead. Instead, Reid is throwing like a baffoon, and Smith makes a terrible pass that gets picked off in the red zone by Aqib Talib.

Not satisfied with his insanity, Reid went for and got the hat trick. Instead of just taking a knee in this turnover-filled nightmare, Reid decides to give the ball to Charles, who has about a 0.0000000001 percent chance of going 80 yards on a draw play. Of course, Charles fumbles, and Denver scores to win the game.

This game exemplifies why Denver is a terrific team, and why Kansas City has no clue how to become a winner.