2015 Chiefs: Is it just me, or…

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Is it just me, or…

… or is there anyone else out there that thinks the Texans have very little on offense while the Chiefs have a much better than average offense and that while the Chiefs and Texans both have excellent defenses their defensive backs aren’t that great… so… there’s not much reason to believe the Texans should win this game. Right? I know, the Texans are at home this weekend but I don’t think their home field advantage should make up that much difference… not like an Arrowhead home field advantage.

Is it just me, or…

… or does anyone else think the Chiefs will win going away, 31-13.

Is it just me, or…

… is anyone else out there as excited as I am about a multitude of players on the Kansas City Chiefs roster… who aren’t considered one of their star players? Guys like Donald Stephenson, Spencer Ware, Justin March or Fred Williams. I can see several of these young men eventually becoming breakout players. Yes, three of them are not even on the active roster right now but each of them has impressed in big ways this offseason. At times Spencer Ware looked like the Chiefs best RB during offseason games, although Charcandrick West was a standout as well. LB Justin March hits were so solid I was hoping Dee Ford could watch his film. There were several time I mistook WR Fred Williams for Jeremy Maclin. He played that well. And Donald Stephenson… don’t get me started! He’s been pumping up the volume too!

Is it just me, or…

… or is anyone else as incredulous about the bald faced east coast sports coverage bias? Oh the intolerance, narrow mindedness, favoritism, and outright bigotry against people who live in the mid-west and cheer for a team like the Kansas City Chiefs. How can the coverage of a story like Eric Berry’s recovery and miraculous turnaround from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in less than a one year period be treated like a trivial side note… compared to the dawn-to-dusk, wall-to-wall, season-to-season coverage given to a New England quarterback who may have, or may not have, influenced the pressure inside of footballs.

Since Bill Belichick took the reins as their coach he’s always treated his job as a covert operative who’s willing to do “whatever it takes” to win, including deceiving and defrauding the rest of the league (a “proven” fact of Spygate) so why would anyone doubt that their quarterback would or could do such a thing?

For some reason one person’s dance with the devil is a more titillating tale to tell than another person’s faith-filled journey and gracious gift of life from God… all the while real people inside of east coast news organizations appear oblivious to their own pompous personas, and the allegorical albatross they embody.

We all see only what we are trained to see.”

~Robert Anton Wilson, Masks of the Illuminati

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