NFL rankings: Week 1

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Rex Ryan is following his New York playbook to the letter. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

11. Buffalo Bills – Rex Ryan inherits insanely talented roster with no quarterback.  Immediately grabs most recognizeable name at running back.  Produces ridiculous contract for top defensive player.  I guess if at first you don’t succeed…

12. Kansas City Chiefs – Cue “0 wide receiver touchdowns” remark…stand by for “still went 9-7” rebuttal.  They should be good.  Should be.

13. Atlanta Falcons – The NFC South is a roulette wheel that will land on the Falcons this year.  Should run through the rest of their division.

14. San Diego Chargers – They have the potential to be very good, but Melvin Gordon and Antonio Gates are not helping the cause right now.

15. Cincinnati Bengals – Can Andy Dalton finally silence the critics?  No.

16. Minnesota Vikings – A lot of people like the Vikings as a playoff team, myself included.  However, they need to come out and prove it first.

17. Miami Dolphins – The offensive line was the major problem with this team in 2014, but they made a lot of big signings so now…the offensive line is the major problem.

18. St Louis Rams – The Rams feel like the same team they have been for the past several years.  Strong defense, nearly non-existent offense.

19. Houston Texans – Losing Arian Foster hurts this team a lot.  Bryan Hoyer as the starting quarterback isn’t going to help that.  Stand by for a quarterback controversy.

20. Carolina Panthers – Losing Kelvin Benjamin was a death blow to a roster that isn’t very deep.  The defense will still show up, but that only goes so far.