NFL picks Week 1: Chiefs-Texans and all the others

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As I have done for the past two years before coming to Arrowhead Addict, I will continue to pick every NFL game throughout the regular season and playoffs. Last year, I went 177-78-1 straight up in my NFL picks. In other words, look for me to normalize with an atrocious showing in 2015.

I will always include the records of each team and the lines, according to BOVADA. Let’s get this rolling…

Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans (-1)

This is a game that should be dominated by defense. The Chiefs have more offensive weapons and are deeper defensively than the Texans, but this game won’t be a walk in the park. The main thing for Kansas City is avoiding turnovers and the big play. If the Chiefs do those two things, they win.

Pick: Kansas City 20, Houston 9

Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots (-7)

Have you seen Pittsburgh play defense this preseason? It is like watching a prison riot. There are bodies everywhere, nobody knows what the hell is going on, and it ends in disaster. The Patriots are without Brandon LaFell and LaGarrette Blount, but they have Tom Brady. New England is going to light the Steelers up.

Pick: New England 45, Pittsburgh 21

Green Bay Packers (-7) at Chicago Bears

Aaron Rodgers is playing against a secondary that consists of Kyle Fuller, Alan Ball, Ryan Mundy and Antrel Rolle. Even without Jordy Nelson, can you see anything less than 350 yards and a trio of touchdowns to Randall Cobb, James Jones and DaVante Adams? Chicago will get some points, but it won’t keep up with the Packers.

Pick: Green Bay 31, Chicago 20

Cleveland Browns at New York Jets (-3)

This is the Dumpster Fire of the Week. Can you imagine being the poor bastard who has to go to this game and actually pay to be there? Wow. Basically, this bad boy comes down to which quarterback does less to screw over his team. Who ya got, Ryan Fitzpatrick or Josh McCown?

Pick: New York 14, Cleveland 13

Indianapolis Colts (-2.5) at Buffalo Bills

This could actually be pretty interesting. The Colts are the superior team because of the massive edge at quarterback, but their weakness is the offensive line and rushing defense. Buffalo has a nice ground game assuming LeSean McCoy is active and one of the best fronts in football, even without the suspended Marcell Dareus. Still, take Andrew Luck over Tyrod Taylor all day.

Pick: Indianapolis 20, Buffalo 13

Miami Dolphins (-4) at Washington Redskins

Picking Washington at any point in the season is the equivalent to admitting you drank three bottles of scotch in less than five minutes. Have you been watching the offseason in D.C.? It’s like a Bugs Bunny cartoon, only Jay Gruden is Elmer Fudd. It’s actually becoming painful. Meanwhile, Miami is a good team and ready to break out.

Pick: Miami 27, Washington 10

Carolina Panthers (-3) at Jacksonville Jaguars

The first upset special of the season. Jacksonville is not making the playoffs or threatening for the AFC South crown, but the Jaguars are improved. Meanwhile, the Panthers are without Kelvin Benjamin and starting something called Philly Brown in his place. Carolina is in for a rough season.

Pick: Jacksonville 20, Carolina 17

Seattle Seahawks (-4) at St. Louis Rams

This game is more interesting because Kam Chancellor is likely not playing. Still, it is tough to see the Seahawks blowing this game to the Rams, who have the offense of a modified high school team. St. Louis just does not have the weapons to move the ball against Seattle, with or without Nick Foles.

Pick: Seattle 19, St. Louis 6

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