Chiefs vs. Texans odds: Vegas sees a Pick ‘EM


The Kansas City Chiefs are giving plenty of prognosticators all kinds of problems heading into the 2015 National Football League season. They have been picked anywhere from 6-10 by people who don’t watch the sport, to Super Bowl participants by people who we like very much.

In Week 1, the Chiefs travel to take on the Houston Texans, another team with predictions all over the board. While the offense seems to be rather punchless, the defense could easily be a top-10 unit. So, with that in mind, Vegas has decided to go ahead and label this game a Pick ‘Em. Over at, it says that 60 percent of the betting has been for the Chiefs, showing that many believe Kansas City will get the road win.

For those who don’t bet very often, the home team always gets three points to start out with, so by saying that this line is even, Vegas is actually saying that the Chiefs are a better team by a field goal. If this game was in Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs would be a six-point favorite.

The matchup section believes Houston will win by a field goal, 22-19. I will eat my hat, a plate of crow and some furniture if the Texans score 22 points against Kansas City. Could the Chiefs lose? Absolutely. However, I would imagine them losing 14-13. Giving up 22 points to a team with Brian Hoyer and without Arian Foster? Can’t see that.

Overall, the line seems pretty fair. Kansas City did beat both Super Bowl participants last year but also lost to the Tennessee Titans and Oakland Raiders. Meanwhile, Houston also went 9-7 and was 5-3 at home.

What say you, Addicts? Did the Chiefs get hosed here or do the oddsmakers have this game pegged the way it should be? Tell us below in the comments and don’t be afraid to tell Vegas off.