Can Kansas City Chiefs first-team offense deliver?

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Many fans remember the first game of the 2014 season. The Chiefs were favored to win against the struggling Titans; however that was not the case at the end of the game. The Titans had won the game, but Kansas City lost so much more.

This was the game where both Derrick Johnson and Mike DeVito both were lost for the year with Achilles injuries, while Jeff Allen was done for the year with an elbow ailment.

While this will not be a “revenge” game for the team, the thought of how that turned around a hopeful season for the Chiefs is not forgotten.

With that being said this is truly the last time we will see most of the starters on the field for the team. The third game is what people in the theater call a “dress rehearsal.” It is where head coach Andy Reid will get a good look at his offense and his first team players.

The Kansas City Chiefs need to fully step it up this game.

Alex Smith has been coming out and airing the ball out with the first or second play of the game. This is well and good, and shows they want to be an aerial threat, but that one bomb is all they do.

Yes, the absence of Charles running the ball does keep the defense back to cover over the top, but still getting air under the ball is something they still need to work on. Maclin’s 8.5 yards per reception is terrible, and yes this is due to lack of playing time, but he was brought in to be a game changer.

The way the team is throwing is not a good sign of what is to come. Kansas City needs to build the confidence to throw the ball deep. This will come to them eventually; there has been nothing but positive talk out of training camp of the chemistry of Smith and Maclin. However Chief fans have yet to see this in game action.

This Friday needs to be the show they want to put on through their offense.

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