Chase Daniel trade talk: What’s it mean?

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For some further input on this, I reached out to fans on Twitter to see what they felt would be the proper return on any trade involving Chase Daniel.  For the most part, Chiefs fans seem to believe that getting a draft pick for Chase would be the best way to go…

I think @Countryboi567 is giving a little too much credit to the value of Chase Daniel.  No team should be giving up that much for a backup.  In only the direst of situations would I see any team giving up a fifth.  @LanceMoser is a little bit more on track simply because he opens it up to any value we can get.  If the Chiefs like Murray as the backup, then whatever we get for Daniel is just gravy on top of the added cap space.  @4cmac21 brings up a very good point about the Chiefs need for OL help.  Honestly, I just couldn’t find much value out there.  Daniel is still just a backup, so it’s doubtful anyone is going to give up a lineman that will really be any better than anyone we’ve already got.

Overall, it’s an interesting scenario for the Chiefs who have long held one of the worst quarterback situations in the league.  If they can move Daniel in the final year of his contract for a good return, you would have to think that it’s certainly worth considering.