The Chiefs continue to show what they are about

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As I did in the first week of preseason, I came in to the game against the Seahawks with five areas that I wanted to find out more about the 2015 Kansas City Chiefs.  And, as in the preseason opener, I wasn’t left wanting.  The Chiefs gave us plenty to digest in their win over Seattle.  The five things I was looking at?

Yes, my biggest areas of concern this week were almost all in regards to the Chiefs depth chart. That’s a good thing. The simple truth is that I have very few questions about the Chiefs starters.  They have shown quite a bit, both in the preseason and over the past couple of years.  There is an excellent foundation there.  Now we need to see how well we can handle it when cracks start to show.

Chase Daniel has been making the most of his opportunity this offseason. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Backup Quarterback: I’m going to start with what was probably the easiest thing to see.  Plain and simple, the Chiefs are saying quite a bit by sending Chase Daniel out there to get the bulk of the snaps.  And Chase is answering with what has been some pretty good play.  Now, some Chiefs fans do need to reign it in a bit here.  Chase has looked good against other teams’ backups.  That, in no way whatsoever, makes him qualified to be the starter.

However, Chase’s play does open up an option that was largely unconsidered before…a trade.  There are plenty of teams that need some help at quarterback.  And while I will tell all of you that Chase shouldn’t be a starter, I wouldn’t try to correct someone from another team that thought he was.  I’ll let our opponents make every mistake possible.  The first team that comes to mind is the New York Jets.  Seriously, they just signed Matt Flynn to start…and we KNOW that he isn’t up to that task.  So why not try to convince them that Chase is the man?  Fleecing a team that will likely be drafting early is never a bad thing.

However, there is a drawback.  Aaron Murray.  Despite all the rhetoric from a certain sect of Chiefs fans, Murray has not proven that he has what it takes to be an NFL quarterback.  You can sit there and say he hasn’t been given a chance…but he’s in the second year as a backup, there have been plenty of opportunities to earn that chance.  The simple truth is that Aaron Murray hasn’t shown us anything worth getting excited over.  The chances of him being the quarterback of the future are next to nothing at this point.

I suppose it’s possible the Chiefs are dangling Daniel for a trade and really have faith in Murray…but to not give him opportunities to throw in preseason?  That’s beyond strange for an NFL team.  And there haven’t been any media reports saying the Chiefs are putting faith in Murray.  So to support him at this point is to ignore all evidence and go on a gut feeling.  Very rare that works out in the NFL.

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